Apologies for the radio silence, dear readers. The last few days have been a whirlwind, leaving me more tired than a sloth after a marathon. But today, as I cruise through Italy’s winding roads, the thrill of Stelvio and Gavia has brought back that wide-eyed wanderer spirit in me. These passes are the stuff of legends, and they never disappoint!

But, as I enjoy Italy’s charm, my mind drifts to the wonders I witnessed a few days ago in the majestic land of Switzerland. The “5 lakes walk” above Zermatt is a route that promises unparalleled beauty – and it delivers. However, one sight left me both amazed and a tad concerned.


At 2,300 meters above sea level, you’d expect Grunsee to be a mirror of icy serenity. Imagine my surprise when I found it transformed into a high-altitude beach! Sunbathers in swimsuits, towels spread out, and folks taking a dip in what should’ve been an icy enclave. It’s a startling testament to the changing climate. A beach at 2.3 km altitude? That’s not a natural evolution, it’s a climate-change postcard. While the balmy 25°C at Grunsee was pleasant, the staggering 31°C in Zermatt below was a glaring sign of our warming world.

Beach at 2.3 km of altitude

However, if there’s one thing that remains timeless in its splendor, it’s the view of the Matterhorn from the 5 lakes walk route. Majestic, awe-inspiring, and breathtakingly beautiful, it stands as a sentinel of timelessness against the backdrop of a changing world.

And speaking of swimming in unexpected places, Lago Bianco at Gavia Pass threw another surprise at me. At 2,600 meters above sea level, two brave souls decided it was the perfect spot for a swim. Is this the new norm? Mountain-top swimming?

This couple is enjoying the view of the glacier, while just few hundred meters to the right children are swimming in Lago Bianco

On the financial front, Switzerland, while stunningly beautiful, is equally adept at emptying one’s pockets. Let’s just say, after a few days there, my wallet felt lighter than the air at Gavia Pass.

Tomorrow, I have the Dolomites in my sights. The exact route and plan, as well as my journey back home, hinges on the whims of the weather gods. Here’s hoping they’re in a good mood!

My Porsche after few donuts at Furka Pass

As I prepare for another day of adventure, I’m left with mixed emotions. Nature’s beauty is eternal, but our choices are shaping it in unprecedented ways. Let’s tread lightly, and ensure that the beaches remain where they belong, and the icy lakes high above retain their pristine chill. Until next time, travel responsibly and stay curious!