Into the Alpine Heartbeat: A Summer Road Trip Odyssey

The anticipation has been building for years. The concept of meandering through the serpentine roads of the European Alps, capturing its breathtaking majesty through my lens, has been a dream that, at times, seemed elusive. The Alps and I, you see, have a history. I’ve tasted its wonders on numerous occasions, albeit in small doses, never more than four sunrises at a stretch. But a dream, long nourished and nurtured, has a way of realizing itself when passion fuels its flight.

After putting in countless hours and efforts into shaping my professional life, the universe has rewarded me with the resources and time to turn this long-lived idea into an adventure. And so, armed with wanderlust, a sense of adventure, and a camera, I embark on this twelve-day sojourn alone in my trusty Skoda Yeti, a trusty companion ready to tread over 3,500 kilometers of alpine magic.

The pre-planned route, a total of around 3.500 km and almost 60 hours of driving time

For those new to my pursuits, I am, at heart, a landscape photographer. The intricate dance of sunlight over alpine crests, the serene azure of glacial lakes, the verdant expansiveness of alpine meadows; they all beckon to be immortalized through my lens. But this trip is not just about still memories. I plan to weave tales of my journey in video, capturing the rhythm of the road, the whisper of the winds, and the stories of the mountains. For those who cannot journey with me in person, these videos will be a bridge to the Alps’ splendor.

My journey is meticulously mapped out. Each day, I’ll traverse anywhere between 200 to 400 kilometers, soaking in as much of the landscape as I can, stopping only to capture what tugs at my heartstrings. And when night cloaks the world in its embrace, my Skoda or a tent pitched under the canopy of stars will be my sanctuary. Sometimes, it’ll be the organized comfort of a camping site, while on other nights, it’ll be the thrill of wild camping, with nature as my only neighbor.

The Dolomites glow with a vivid red hue at sunset, a result of the calcium and magnesium carbonate that make up the rocks.

A heartwarming pit stop will be at my friend Nino’s place, nestled near the cosmopolitan vibes of Zurich. Even amidst the vastness of the Alps, there’s something heartening about familiar faces.

This odyssey will also encompass the vibrant tapestry of European culture. From the coastal vibes of Zadar, I’ll be driving through the alluring alleys of Italy, the opulent charm of Monaco, the romantic boulevards of France, to the precision-perfected streets of Switzerland. The amalgamation of cultures, set against the backdrop of the Alps, is bound to be a symphony for the senses.

One cannot speak of the Alps and not mention its formidable mountain passes. Towering high and challenging the very limits of man-made engineering, they stand as gateways to the heavens. I’ve charted my route to include many of these giants, each promising a unique story, a distinct flavor of the alpine experience.

Me, camping in my Yeti under magnificent Torre Brunico (Italy), summer 2018.

Having spent close to three months in preparation, every detail has been accounted for, every potential scenario played out. Even the skies seem to be in alliance with my plans, promising warmth and clarity for most of my journey. But as any seasoned traveler will concur, the road has its own plans, its own tales to tell, and I am open to its surprises.

Every day of this adventure will find an echo on my website, with short articles narrating tales of wonder, moments of introspection, and instances of sheer joy. Through words, pictures, and videos, I invite you on this journey, as we discover together the multifaceted jewel that is the European Alps.

Come, let’s make memories, let’s chase sunrises, and let’s celebrate the beauty and unpredictability of the open road. The Alps await, and so does a dream that’s finally taking flight. Join me.