Day 3: From Chilly Mornings to Mountain Passes – Let the Adventure Continue

The great outdoors has a way of keeping you on your toes. Or in my case, snuggled under a blanket. While daytime temperatures had me contemplating a career in ice-cream tasting (because that’s a thing, right?), the night had other plans. A chilly 15°C had me reaching for that cozy blanket, and I’ll admit, I held onto it like a child with their favorite toy.

By 5 am, the world was bathed in the soft hues of the dawn. The serene lake I chanced upon reflected the world in its still waters, and if that wasn’t picturesque enough, a herd of cows decided to make a cameo in my footage. Who knew bovines had such a flair for the dramatic?

Magnificent views around Col de Galibier

From there, my Yeti and I made our ascent to the famed Col du Galibier. And let me tell you, calling it “magnificent” would be an understatement. It’s as if Mother Nature decided to showcase her best work and said, “Beat that!” But just as I was soaking in the vistas, a trekking race burst onto the scene. I’m all for fitness, but racing over such a pass and these temperatures? That’s next-level commitment!

Busy day at Col du Galibier

My day’s journey brought me next to Col de l’Iseran. Now, I’ve heard tales of its allure. But sometimes, reality and expectations engage in a bit of a tango. While the pass itself felt somewhat “been there, seen that,” the narrow road climb was the kind of adrenaline rush you’d pay for at an amusement park. A rollercoaster with real stakes.

Downhill road from Col de l’Iseran leads into Val-d’Isere valley

Now, Val-d’Isere was an unexpected delight! Picture a town that seems to have sprung straight out of a postcard, and to my surprise, it was bustling even on a Sunday evening. I half expected someone to break into a musical number any second. Kudos to the stores for being the real MVPs and staying open.

The day’s curtain fell at Foret La Rosiere camping. First impressions? Let’s just say I’ve been to livelier parties. But hey, I’m all about giving second chances. So, we’ll see how the night goes.

As the Alpine stars twinkle above, I bid you adieu. Here’s to unexpected delights, bovine photobombs, and the ever-mysterious allure of mountain passes. Until our next rendezvous, happy trails!